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The logical next step was to enhance our signature product even further.


Made from a combination Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot varieties, grown in organic vineyards at 1000 meters of altitude, it is aged for 11 months in Oak Barrels in an esteemed winery


This additional year at Bodega Santa María results in a smooth, profound wine, with depth of flavour.


Ultimo Señorito Tinto Barrica 2017 (6 units)

75 Centiliters
Excluding VAT
  • Meant to be shared so gather one or two of your closest friends and bring them joy!


    Open it, let it breath, drink it until it is finished, make up your own ode to Beauty and Ephemeral and don't forget to criticize any advice given by Undersecretary of Consumer Affaires.


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