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Our Story

I never thought that the olive trees, eternal in the landscape of my memory, would mean so much in my life.

Olive oil, in our voice, in

Our chorus



Powerful smoothness

You sing:

You are the Spanish language;

There are syllables of olive oil

There are words

Useful and rich-smelling

Like your fragrant material.

It’s not only wine that sings

Olive oil sings too,

It lives in us with its ripe light

And among the good things of the earth

I set apart

Olive oil,

Your ever-flowing peace, your green essence,

Your heaped-up treasure

Which descends

In streams from the olive tree.

Our history is born, as I suppose all stories are, from an illusion. But an illusion and a bet that was born long before us.

Where to look for the beginnings when olive oil has always been part of our family history?

During the 1930s and 1940s, in the northeastern part of Andalusia, in the Sierra de Castril, the majority of families owned some land with olive trees.Here, every year just before the arrival of the winter, the fruit of the olive tree reached its point of maturity. The families kept the necessary olive oil to their own consumption and the rest was sold to the various oil mills that populated the area. In addition to being a source of income and livelihood, olive oil for generations has set its own identity and culture, which determine and imprint a particular character on our natural and human landscapes.

In our family stories told around a brazier of embers, those of the olive harvest have always been heard. Great-grandparents and grandparents, children and grandchildren, when Christmas came, they had to pick the olives.That moment has been part of our family when memory begins.

In the 1980s, our father Antonio, decided to make a living out of the olive production. He opted to stay in the countryside at a time of abandonment of the rural world towards the big cities, and turn his family tradition into his way of life and the livelihood of his family. Not only olive trees but also almond trees and, not so common for at least a century, vineyards, he created the base and foundations of what is today La Finca de Los Arenales.

A few years later, he decided to move all of the production to Organic-Sustainable methods, being one of the very first 100% organic producers in the region. Here our differential character will become apparent, being one of the oldest ecological productions that can be found in Castril.

And now, having rooted our wings and letting our roots fly, always with the help and encouragement of our families, we decided to create our own brand and thus market our Olive & Wine.

The work and effort passed on from generation to generation takes shape in this project that is still young but full of ideas and enthusiasm.

Bet on the rural world in a brave and modern way. Without fear or prejudice. Putting new technologies, new innovative and sustainable production processes at the service of our groves and vineyards as well as working for an increasingly sustainable and productive production is our goal.

They are only brushstrokes of our history, because like in all stories there is more, there is always much more, by now we invite you to try our EVOO, our Wine, get closer to our mountains, take some time and let your mind fly..

.Finca Los Arenales.


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